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5 Reasons Why Your Invisalign Tooth Straightening Isn't Working (Pt.1)

You have probably already sensed from our other blogs, our Instagram page and our Google Reviews that we love what we do 😍 Especially that feeling of reward when our clients visit and tell us how their new smile has changed their lives for the better.

Yep... it sounds cliché, I know. But we mean it.. so many of our clients tell us that having a winning smile does matter in their relationships and jobs. 💥

Time, Money, Frustration

Hundreds of our clients have benefitted from teeth straightening with Invisalign in Bournemouth now, so we are experts in all the tricks and hacks on how to make it work for real people in the real world.

... Perfectly, that's how it works!

However (for the minority), it looks something a bit more like this:

Self-consciousness ➡️

Excitement that you're suitable for tooth straightening without train-track braces ➡️

Apprehension about how it's going to feel ➡️

Self-motivation like never before ➡️

Stop snacking as can't be bothered to take the aligners out (let's face it, who can) ➡️

Tracking on point ➡️ Start seeing real results ➡️

Momentum starts slowing ➡️ Wear time not 22 hours per day ➡️

Aligners fit well, but not 💯 perfectly ➡️

Lose a fraction of a millimetre of progress at each stage ➡️

Expected treatment time starts extending... and extending... and exxxxtennnnddding...

Things can start to feel a little frustrating for you, and the end never seems to be in sight.

At Bournemouth Straight Teeth, we are human too, so we totally get it!

Don't panic, this isn't our first rodeo! 🤣 Let's share our Top 5 Tips for Keeping (or getting back on) Schedule. First, a quick word on 'tracking'...

It's All About The TRACKING

What's this 'Tracking' lark all about then?

It's basically the way we describe that your teeth are moving according to the 3D simulated treatment plan.

Straightening teeth at a maximum of 0.25mm per month is gradual, safe and gentle. So we use some Bio-mechanics knowledge (they science-y bit) alongside some clever sums, and we 'sequence' your tooth movements according to good ol' Newton's Laws of Physics.

When you're ready, we custom-manufacture each of your Invisalign clear aligners for you, using 3D printing and some wizardry. Each movement is pre-programmed into the aligners, and they are worn in a sequence... usually for 7-10 days each.

So, each new set of aligners continues the 'tracking' of these gradual tooth movements. Get it? 🙌

Seems simple enough?

It is, but no matter how sophisticated the software is and how expertly planned your tooth movements are, if you lose a fraction of a millimetre per aligner, you eventually lose tracking. 🤦

Then the next aligner doesn't grip fully, can't recover the situation... and you can head further and further off course.

Keeping On (or Getting Back On) Schedule With Invisalign

1. Wear Time, Wear Time, Wear Time

As somebody who wears Invisalign myself these days, I can give you realistic not idealistic advice! Even with the best of intentions, it's sometimes tough to hit 22 hours of wear time per day.

Let's face it - it just is.

If you're anything like me, not every day is the same old 'normal' routine.

I might be out at lunch with a friend. Or a meeting might have over-run and I couldn't pop to bathroom to brush my teeth before putting my aligners back in.

"Hitting 22 hours per day (every day) takes some discipline."

These days I'm really keen to reinforce with our new clients - if you do it, you'll get amazing results. It will be worth it. If you don't dive in and "just do it", you won't.

So if you're not sure before you start, maybe an alternative option would be more suitable for you. Either way, find a clinic which is entirely unbiased and offers all methods of teeth straightening options alongside Invisalign removable clear aligners.

To help you, we recommend TrayMinder's free smartphone app to keep a record of your smile journey and track your wear-time hours. Remember - every time they're out, your teeth are drifting off course!

2. Your Teeth Are Colliding During Treatment 💥

It's hard for a crowd to squeeze through a train door all at once.

Invisible braces and invisible clear aligners create the same crowding effect in your mouth (on a much smaller scale!).

When two teeth are colliding with each other during treatment, we gently slenderise them to make them more rectangular and less triangular. This is Interproximal Reduction (or IPR).

At Bournemouth Straight Teeth we do this progressively and painlessly, and it's a safe and effective way to find space for tooth straightening. Click here to find out more in our Blog about At-Home Straightening Kits which can fail when this isn't planned for.

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