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5 Reasons Why Your Invisalign Tooth Straightening Isn't Working (Pt.2)

(Click here for Part 1 of this blog)

Time, Money, Frustration

Hundreds of our clients have benefitted from teeth straightening with Invisalign in Bournemouth now, so we are experts in all the tricks and hacks on how to make it work in the real world.

... Perfectly, that's how it works!

However (for the minority), it looks something a bit more like this:

Self-consciousness ➡️

Excitement that you're suitable for tooth straightening without train-track braces ➡️

Apprehension about how it's going to feel ➡️

Self-motivation like never before ➡️

Stop snacking as can't be bothered to take the aligners out (let's face it, who can) ➡️

Tracking on point ➡️ Start seeing real results ➡️

Momentum starts slowing ➡️ Wear time not 22 hours per day ➡️

Aligners fit well, but not 💯 perfectly ➡️

Lose a fraction of a millimetre of progress at each stage ➡️

Expected treatment time starts extending... and extending... and exxxxtennnnddding...

Things can start to feel a little frustrating for you, and the end never seems to be in sight.

At Bournemouth Straight Teeth, we are human too, so we totally get it!

Don't panic, this isn't our first rodeo! 🤣 Let's share our Top 5 Tips for Keeping (or getting back on) Schedule. (Click here for Part 1 of this blog)

Keeping On (or Getting Back On) Schedule With Invisalign

3. Munchies! Munchies! Munchies!

Nope, nothing to do with hunger! ...Or the tasty chocolatey (and terrible for your teeth) treats! 🤣

If your dentist or orthodontist is totally up-to-date and in-the-know they'll have recommended you do some "chewing exercises". Or they might have recommended Movemints.

You see, invisible aligners like Invisalign work by creating orthodontic tooth movement that guides your teeth gradually into their new position...

  • Every time you push the trays in with your clean fingers and thumbs, they seat 95% of the way.

  • Then every time you swallow, your teeth touch and your aligners grip the teeth.

  • Same again every time you clench your teeth due to stress.

But those times alone are not enough, even if you do follow the complete 22 hours per day for 7 days minimum per aligner. We need 💯perfect seating at all times, and no 'air gaps' or 'air halos' or 'voids' between your teeth and the aligners.

To get the ideal amount of seating pressure to all of your teeth, extra "oompf" is needed.

That's why we recommend chewing exercises (and so do all Invisalign experts around the world) for 10-15 minutes per day (ideally split into 3-5 separate stints).

Chewing exercises will help deliver more predictable results by making your teeth individually "wake up" and motivation to move. And we love 'Munchies', recently imported from the nerds 🤓 at the University of Sydney, Australia. They're hygienic, easy to use and beautifully designed.

4. Handle Your Aligners With Care

Invisalign Protective Case keeps your aligners safe

Keeping Invisalign braces safe, clean and clear is a major priority.

From a hygiene perspective, clean trays reduce the potential for cavities and will keep them (and your breath) from smelling funky!

But just as importantly (you're investing in barely noticeable aligners after all!), the cleaner they are the less 'opaque' they become.

  1. Never clean your trays with hot water. It weakens and warps you aligners. Even if they still look ok, the precision of your 3D printed invisible braces is so important to your treatment that even minor alterations can throw everything off track.

  2. Never let saliva dry inside your aligners. Whenever you pick up your electric toothbrush, clean the inside and outside of your aligners too. Not too vigorously that they scratch, and not with toothbrush - just a thorough but gentle clean!

  3. Always store them in your mouth (duh!) or in the protective Invisalign case. Never wrap them in tissue/ napkins - waiters and waitresses nab them (they're just doing their job after all!) and you'll be digging in rubbish bins 🤢 or losing progress by moving backwards whilst we 3D print new aligners for you.

5. A Sequence Properly Planned By Invisalign Experts

Invisalign 3D movements - experience the key to success!

A little secret from the dental industry for you.

Not all dentists offering tooth straightening are created or trained equally.

  • Some will rely on Invisalign technicians to plan your 3D sequence for them, making zero changes.

  • Some will out-source your treatment planning to a company overseas, at a cost to themselves.

  • Some have been-there and done-that hundreds of times and build the sequences of tooth movements themselves.

  • Some even intentionally use 'Round Tripping' intentionally (that means some complex tooth movements are separated into the twisting part, then the pushing inwards part - for example) because they know from experience that you'll save time and frustration in the long run.

So finding a dentist who does not just use the "first plan recommended by their Invisalign technicians" and can show you photographs of plenty of their previous clients is essential.

Some pesky teeth struggle to get a grip within their aligners, and need to be spotted before you set off on your journey. This will mean that your treatment flows as seamlessly as planned, and you don't look back with regrets later.

Above all - stay positive!

Over 6 million people have had tooth straightening with clear aligners. It's mainstream now, but it has been around a long time.

Every smile journey is a process, and even with powerful technology, 3D printed trays, and the best possible care, sometimes glitches do happen. A few adjustments or refinements along the way might add some time to your treatment, but it'll be totally worth it for a lifetime result, right?

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