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8 Secrets They Don't Want You To Know About At-Home Tooth Straightening (pt.8)

(Don't Buy the Kit Before Reading This!)

Some snippets from an eBook that we are publishing soon 🥳 (Pt.1) (Pt.2) (Pt.3) (Pt.4) (Pt.5) (Pt.6) (Pt.7) (Pt.8)


So is tooth straightening “healthcare”? Is it ok to call it a “cosmetic treatment”?

Well, in the UK it is ‘the practice of dentistry’ and the regulator (who have right to suspend or strike off dentists) has very clearly said there must be face-to-face contact with the dentist. That includes a proper conversation about the risks, alternatives and your suitability to have the treatment.

So that means legally, you can have ‘remote’ dentistry as long as you meet your dentist at least once.

… Once! 😱

That’s madness, if you ask us.

At a clinic like Bournemouth Straight Teeth, where we provide Invisalign in Bournemouth and other options for Adult Tooth Straightening, once is barely time for a cuppa and a chat about what you’re trying to achieve!

And we are proud of that, because it's how we'd expect to be treated ourselves. Dentistry should never feel rushed or like you're pressured.

So the most important difference comes down to this one glaring fact.

At-Home Braces providers don’t have to worry about staking their hard earned long-term local professional reputations on the line.

These companies work with ‘remote’ dentists or orthodontists who click a button on a screen (and are then responsible for carrying the can if/ when things go wrong — gosh I do hope their Medical Malpractice Insurers know).

But what happens if they drop you like a hot potato and Customer Support stop replying to you?

What happens if they file for bankruptcy? (This has happened with a European provider at the beginning of 2020, by the way).

So ask yourself this. Who is answerable?

What if they treat you like another number, and take weeks to respond whilst your health is hanging in the balance? ... and you don’t have a physical location you can even arrive at!

The difference obvious. The difference is the trusting relationship.

You might be thinking “oh you would say that wouldn’t you?”… in fact one of the At-Home Braces providers in the US constantly sings the song which goes

“Dentist would say that - they don’t like us disrupting their business”.

I get it. Nobody wants to be ripped off and it’s hard to know who to trust these days.

What our clients have found is that when you visit a Professional Tooth Straightening clinic like ours near Castle Point, Bournemouth, you become part of our extended family.

You become part of our fabric. There’s a one-to-one relationship where you don’t get bounced from one phone line to another phone line.

Instead, you can access our Treatment Co-ordinator, Tash, directly. That means by SMS, WhatsApp, DM or whatever other route (except carrier pigeon, she prefers cats to birds!) — day and night.

We love what we do, and once we have a duty of care to do the right thing, we don’t let people down.

So who do you trust?

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