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8 Secrets They Don't Want You To Know About At-Home Tooth Straightening (pt.1)

(Don't Buy the Kit Before Reading This!)

Some snippets from an eBook that we are publishing soon 🥳 (Pt.1) (Pt.2) (Pt.3) (Pt.4) (Pt.5) (Pt.6) (Pt.7) (Pt.8)

At-Home Braces Kits do work

There, I said it. They work to straighten front teeth for some people.

“Some” people are the same people who “get away with it” — you know, like the ones who smoke cigarettes for a lifetime but still live until they are 90, or the ones who never check their Blind Spot before switching two lanes on a motorway!

They are the ones who look danger in the face, and shout “hey, watch this!” as jump into the unknown.

Sometimes, “some” people land on all four feet — like a cat off a hot tin roof — and they have an excellent result. And I mean that genuinely — as good a result as they would have with Professional Tooth Straightening. It’s rare.

Ask those people for this week’s lottery numbers, because they got lucky!

More often, the “some” people don't get straight teeth. They get what I would call ‘Nearly Straight But I’m So Over It’ teeth.

They either:

  1. Didn’t notice the difference between a front tooth which has been ‘tipped’ forward compared to a tooth which has been ‘torqued’ forward — don’t worry, I’ll translate this to English later, and why it matters.

  2. Didn’t care about the teeth which didn’t fully twist or un-cross as planned.

  3. Left the process half way, like signing up for an expensive gym membership but realising it’s harder work or more trouble than they realised — but they decided to suck it up and pay for the whole year regardless.

  4. Had their arm twisted by the At-Home Braces company that their goals had been solved “within the limits of what is possible”, and either accepted it because they gave up trying to chase their Customer Support team (who might be doing their best impression of a Houdini disappearing act by then). OR, even worse — they made a formal complaint and were forced to accept a refund in exchange for keeping quiet.

Tread Carefully with At Home Tooth Straightening Kits

Oh... the Non-Disclosure Agreements… did I forget to mention that naughty little secret?


Without wanting to get all Legal Beagle on you, tread carefully.

Some of these companies are renowned for using strong-armed tactics which silence their critics.

First they have you sign to agree that you had a recent dental health check done, and that your dentist has confirmed you’re suitable for At-Home Braces. In the excitement of “joining the gang,” most will fail to notice that the company is— in plain sight — removing all the bullets from your pistol. If anything goes wrong later, they’ve left you without your ammo.

So what? That’s the fault of the dentist who did my health check, right?

Well, not quite 😕 What if I told you that the brief dental health “check-up” that the average general dentist on the High Street does is woefully inadequate to be used as an assessment before tooth-straightening?

"Even the world-class general dentists I know will tell you they are checking the health of your teeth, not their position."

... and they definitely aren’t going to be checking the safety zones for tooth straightening. Unless they plan the treatment themselves, why would they be?

When you’re visiting a Professional Tooth Straightening clinic, our Comprehensive Health Check takes us 45 minutes of information gathering (including checklists, measurements and full-mouth x-rays to show the health of the root-ends) 🤩

We then dedicate at least 2 hours behind the scenes, where we analyse your 3D scans to draw up the blueprints and 3D Digital Roadmap for your lifetime result.

We treat your dental health like piloting a 747 jet for the first time.

Don't allow any remote dentist, remote orthodontist or 'teledentistry' company skip these Essential Checklists.

At Bournemouth Straight Teeth we do the checklists first time and every time before we hit the runway. That way the flight is smooth and easy 🛫 Learn More

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