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8 Secrets They Don't Want You To Know About At-Home Tooth Straightening (pt.5)

(Don't Buy the Kit Before Reading This!)

Some snippets from an eBook that we are publishing soon 🥳 (Pt.1) (Pt.2) (Pt.3) (Pt.4) (Pt.5) (Pt.6) (Pt.7) (Pt.8)


Even if dragging your front teeth forwards works in your case, and your result looks acceptable, there’s a hidden monster that they don’t want you to know:

Your bite WILL change during all types of teeth straightening.
Either your back teeth will touch and your front teeth won't, or your back teeth can no longer bite when you try to chew.

When the ‘Facebook Experts’ explain that “it’s a normal part of the process that your back teeth do not touch,” I assure you that's wildly untrue.

There are whole post-graduate dental training centres out there to educate dentists on the complexities of the subject (look up the Dawson Academy, Kois Center or Spear Education if you fancy), and we’re talking about programmes which are $30,000+ and take dentists years to progress through.

I won't bore you with an eBook on the subject. But take my word for it: teeth should ideally bite evenly every time your teeth touch.

... or just ask anybody who’s had a filling done on a tooth which was ‘too high’ and needed adjusting a day or two later!

So the real question should be “When does it matter?” and “When might I get away with it?”

... and there lies the trouble with all At-Home Brace treatments. It’s impossible to know without a Comprehensive Health Check.

Our checklist for teeth straightening at Bournemouth Straight Teeth is 22 different items to check for during a Bite Assessment alone!

Yep, you read that right. How can a dentist do that remotely, even if they have a 3D model of your static bite? 😨

You don't chew like a crocodile - open and closed on a hinge - do you? So a 3D model is no where near enough.

"Some" People Get Away With It...

Remember what I said about “some” people in Part 1?

Well, "some" people's bites get away with it:

  • “Some” people might bite together and their jaw joints might be stable and comfortable in that new position.

  • 🤔 OR they might be somebody who is ok for a few months or years and then develop pain or problems later.

  • ⚠️ OR WORSE STILL, they might be somebody who instantly has jaw clicking, constant migraines and headaches which wake them with throbbing pain at night, or a total inability to open their mouth wide (because the jaw joint becomes locked behind the cartilage in the jaw joint, rather than gliding smoothly on top).

"Some" people's tooth foundations get away with it:

  • “Some” people might bite together and their teeth might be stable in that new position.

  • 🤔 OR they might be somebody who ends up with ‘fremitus’ (that’s when we bite together and the foundations vibrate thousands of times per day every time you chew)

  • ⚠️ OR WORSE STILL that fremitus might cause teeth to become loose. And that might never improve.

"Some" people's tooth strength means they get away with it:

  • “Some” people might bite together and their teeth will be mechanically healthy in that new position for life.

  • 🤔 OR they might be unlucky — over 6+ months their teeth will wear down at the edges because they are working harder than nature designed them to. Teeth with fillings might constantly chip, break, or fall out.

  • ⚠️ OR WORSE STILL if a tooth was already weakened in the past, it can entirely split in half, meaning it must be removed.

You might still be reading this thinking:

“Oh he would say that" - he's just another dentist trying to protect their business.”

I assure you, no dentist loves to see their clients break what nature gave us (especially when we have known our clients for years and have a real relationship with them).

No matter what the media might have told you, we are not cruel or heartless, and some of us genuinely love what we do!

Think this through — I’m offering you this advice because I’m trying to help you prevent ever having these issues.

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