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8 Secrets They Don't Want You To Know About At-Home Tooth Straightening (pt.7)

(Don't Buy the Kit Before Reading This!)

Some snippets from an eBook that we are publishing soon 🥳 (Pt.1) (Pt.2) (Pt.3) (Pt.4) (Pt.5) (Pt.6) (Pt.7) (Pt.8)


Most of my new clients (who had once considered At-Home Straightening Kits) think that the worst these things can do can do is “fail to do the job.” So the worst that can happen is you waste time and money.

If you think that too, you definitely do not want to skip this secret.

"This secret is the ticking time-bomb which dentists have known about the whole time, but nobody has yet made public."

When dentists talk about “gum health” what we really mean is “how well the tooth is attached to the foundations underneath, and how well sealed it is from bacteria getting in around it”.

Yep, if you didn’t know already, our mouths are filled with billions of bacteria - it’s warm and wet, what else! That’s the stuff we call ‘Dental Plaque’.

For most people, when your dental hygiene isn’t totally up to scratch (we’re all human, nobody is perfect), the gums become red, puffy, and sometimes they bleed when you brush.

Plaque + Dental Hygiene Not Quite On Point = Red, Puffy Gums and Bad Breath = Less Kisses for You on a Friday Night!

Not ideal, but no massive long-term hassle yet (unless you get dumped or divorced I suppose!). Just up your game, visit a Professional Dental Hygienist, and it’s a reversible problem.

The trouble comes when the issue isn’t addressed early (and I mean within days or a couple of weeks at most), and/ or when the problem can be completely hidden from view and happening under the surface.

This is that thing you’ve probably heard of but never thought to look into. It’s called Gum Disease (or ‘Periodontal Disease’).

“Naaa, no way — I haven’t got Gum Disease"

I just heard you, right? Well, 20-50% of the world’s population has. And most don’t even know it because it happens completely silently...

... so you might?

Gum diseases often happens in smokers, diabetics and people whose medical health isn’t top notch. BUT it can also happen ‘just because’ — some people are genetically at risk, and we don’t know why. We also can’t change it. And yes, there are even aggressive forms of the condition that can affect kids and teenagers.

So what’s the end game?

  • Gums receed, so your teeth look longer.

  • The foundations shrink downwards, making your teeth wobbly when you bite.

  • Painful infections (gum abscesses) are more likely.

  • When teeth wobble so badly, they fall out.

Sorry for the ‘shock and awe’ approach — but yes, they literally fall out.

If you’ve ever known your nanna to wear plastic dentures, it is often because of this reason.

Only a few decades ago, dentists hadn’t worked out how to completely prevent and treat the condition, so some of our grandparents’ generation had no option but to have their teeth removed at the age of 21.

“So where do At-Home Brace Kits come into this, Zak?”

  • Gum problems are usually silent. That means they may be undiagnosed.

  • Maybe you haven’t been to a dentist in years... or your dentist didn’t spot it?

Do At-Home Braces Cause Gum Recession?
  • At-Home Braces trap bacteria around them when they cover the gum-line, which is like not knowing you’re about to drive into a car crash…

... and putting your foot on the gas.

  • Worse, if the tooth movements haven’t been planned carefully or tries to move them too quickly (Secret #4), the root-ends of your teeth can ‘resorb’ (that means the root-ends disappear and shrink in height!). No doubt, this root resorption makes the problem more likely.

"But that's the worst case scenario - I'm feeling lucky..."

Ok let's talk best case scenario.

At-Home Braces Causing Painful White Gums

Even if the At-Home Braces don’t cause loosening of your teeth, practically every photo you might see of At-Home Braces are waaay too tight at the gum-lines.

The gums look blanched (white), which means they have their blood flow reduced or even cut off.

When teeth are dragged out of their safety zone (Secret #2), and move them by ’tipping’ rather than ‘torquing’ them (remember that in Secret #3?), that means gum recession is a high risk.

Major gum recession! 😨

That means painfully sensitive root surfaces exposed, which then need costly gum grafting to be done to correct the issue.

The Ticking Time Bomb With At-Home Straightening Kits 💥

These problems don’t always happen right away. The final gum position doesn’t settle for months after treatment is completed.

Don’t get me wrong, "some" people believe that they have had a brilliant result with At-Home Braces... "some" people rave about them on Facebook groups.


All dentists worry that even if they have "straight teeth," they don’t quite see the ‘true’ results just yet.

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