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8 Secrets They Don't Want You To Know About At-Home Tooth Straightening (pt.6)

(Don't Buy the Kit Before Reading This!)

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"I can barely eat, my lips and cheeks are torn to shreds."

These were the exact words from a 26 year old new client of ours at our Bournemouth clinic last week, who wanted a second opinion.

She had started At-Home Brace treatment and wanted to do things right. So she dived in at the deep-end and stared wearing them for 22 hours per day right away.

Our hearts sank, because as she told us the story we all start realising (her included) that something was not right. She was now 2 months into treatment and had a wide open gash in her cheek. (I don’t use that word to alarm you, but it was a chasm).

She was a petite girl beforehand...

But after two weeks of not being able to chew food she has been living on smoothies, and was losing weight... FAST.

Un-trimmed, Rough Edges Can Cause Painful Ulcers

The more I look into it, its seems that it’s normal for At-Home Brace companies to send aligners which are un-trimmed, rough and so uncomfortable to wear that they limit eating.

Wow, just wow 😯

I promise you this is not normal.

It’s like saying “I wear these contact lenses in my eyes to correct my vision — they’re really sharp and they’re interrupting my day and my life, but I’m going to suck it up and carry on anyway, it’ll be ok.”

When you visit a Professional Tooth Straightening clinic like Bournemouth Straight Teeth for Invisalign, the aligners we have custom-made for you actually do fit precisely.

There’s no huge gap at the tip of the tooth which creates a terrible lisp, and they are laser-cut neatly at the gum-line so that they’re practically invisible when you smile.

They definitely do not cause ulcers.

I’ve straightened hundreds of my clients teeth with clear aligners made by Invisalign in Bournemouth now, and I can put my hand on my heart and say this:

Nobody has EVER come back to tell me they need dental wax to wear their clear aligners.

That sounds like a bold claim but I mean it, so I’m going to say it again. It has never happened.

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