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8 Secrets They Don't Want You To Know About At-Home Tooth Straightening (pt.4)

(Don't Buy the Kit Before Reading This!)

Some snippets from an eBook that we are publishing soon 🥳 (Pt.1) (Pt.2) (Pt.3) (Pt.4) (Pt.5) (Pt.6) (Pt.7) (Pt.8)


“The World Went and Got Itself In A Big Damn Hurry” — and healthcare is no different.

For the last few decades, marketing and even whole healthcare brands have built their names on speedy results.

I get it. Nobody wants something to take longer than it needs to. So when I design my clients’ results, we can often factor big life events into the plan (let’s face it, wedding days are the happiest of our lives! 🎉).

That way, the Digital Roadmap gives us a completed treatment (or at least awesome improvements) in time.

But there’s a glaring secret hidden in the world of At-Home Braces:

They want you to be happy to accept the treatment that they propose for you. After all, they are mostly businesses funded by Venture Capitalists.

  • ⬆️ More sales

  • ➡️ Reach targets

  • ➡️ Happier investors

  • ➡️ Higher targets

  • ➡️ Repeat.

So they’ll get you to send in your mouth moulds, and lure you in for a “6 Month Plan”.

Guess what, they knew that was ideal for you because at some point on the journey they’ve coaxed that information out of you! Sounds sneaky, but I assure you it happens. OR maybe you just walked in and volunteered it (not so sneaky!).

Either way, you're thinking "Yay, 6 months! Easy, and I'll look great for my wedding day!"

Here’s the secret:

All they’ve done is calculated how to make your teeth look ‘straighter’ on the 3D model, and divided the movements by 6 months of aligners to be worn.

Sounds like a plan, Stan? Not so fast...

Pretty major issue with that. There are decades of studies done by super-geeky researchers in laboratories about how quickly teeth move. (Yes, really, dental research is as in-depth as any other medical research!)

And what they have found is this: 0.25mm per week is the maximum possible.

Nobody can negotiate with Biology. It's 1mm per month, in any given direction.

What happens if we try to do it quicker? Can't you just ‘press harder’?

Press as hard as you like. There's only two things that will happen:

  1. It'll be painful.

  2. The foundations around your teeth actually stop changing as quickly. Yep, you read that right. Pressing harder actually slows the whole process down!

The Dirtiest Secret Of Them All: Once you accept your At-Home Braces treatment and start, there’s no backing out Be prepared for forever contacting 'Customer Support' and chasing your tail.
  • Once you realise your teeth aren’t following the plan properly, they’ll ask you to send more photographs and moulds of your teeth.

  • "Great news - there's no charge and we're sending another 2 months of aligners"

  • More photographs, more moulds of your teeth.

  • "Another 2 months of aligners if you like? It's your choice"

  • More photographs, more moulds.

  • Over... and over... and over...

How do I know this? Well it's not that difficult to find out more in online discussion groups about some At-Home Braces companies. (Nor is it difficult to spot the 'Fake News' posts which have been Photoshopped, or planted by the company).

I’ve even read about people needing FIVE sets of refinements 😮

... I promise you, that is NOT normal!

It’s a failure of treatment which is either because of poor planning (that means the sequence of movements — which teeth are moving, and when), or failure of how well they fit which means you lose a fraction of progress every aligner (sometimes because there are no attachments).

When you visit a Professional clinic like Bournemouth Straight Teeth for Invisalign in Bournemouth, the tooth movements work as planned (because of attachments, and the ability to move more than just your front teeth — see Secret #2 and #3), safe, and predictable because they’re always 0.25mm per aligner maximum.

Yes, refinements may still be needed, but in my hands that is almost always because we are making your bite completely even and comfortable at that stage.

We will have finished straightening your teeth, and we’re simply perfecting your lifetime result.

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