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How Long Does Cosmetic Dentistry Really Last❓

You'd be amazed at how few people ask us!

he truth is that dentists themselves have learned the hard way.

The History Bit

I'll spare you the full history lesson. But in the 1950's and 60's it was common to have teeth removed and dentures made 😮 (in fact, I'm reliably told it was a normal 21st Birthday present - no thanks!).

Later came the age of drilling and filling in the 70's and 80's. Dental crowns and bridges made of porcelain were all the rage. (More on those another day, but imagine a 360 degree custom-made outer jacket of ceramic made for the tooth surface).

As glues for teeth and the profession's knowledge of materials got better, veneers became mainstream in the 90's and Noughties. They're a facing of ceramic glued onto the front of the tooth making a smile look more even, closing spaces or improving tooth shapes. Celebrities are renowned for them.

Teeth Straightening and Bonding vs. Veneers

But do you really need any of those things, with today's options in 2020?

What's the Big Deal?

Hate to be a party-pooper but nothing lasts forever. Granted, nor does what nature gave you...

But like my mother used to tell me when leaving home in the days before mobile phones (blimey I am old! 🤣), never leave home without options!

You see, a crown is like a lid on a jar - it should have a bacteria--proof seal all the way around it, so no bugs get in underneath 😖 ... they'll rot the tooth surface holding it on.

Here's the problem. If you have a crown done (when a veneer could have been done instead) sorry to say that when it needs replacing, you'll need another crown. Or worse, a crown with a post inside the tooth. Or worse, there's no tooth actually left and your dentist might be faced with a mushy mess of a tooth and can't offer you any options. Sounds dramatic, but it happens all the time.

You're getting it, right?

That also means that if you had a veneer done out of choice (maybe instead of simply straightening out your crooked teeth, or re-contouring the edge to correct the shape?), you can bet you'll need repeat dentistry needed in the future. And it will probably be a crown. That isn't to say "crowns are evil" - but you know what could happen next.

The Good News 🎉

"Dentistry done with attention to detail, carefully planned and looked after, lasts over a decade."

Reassuring, I hope! Here's a How To blog about maximising your chances of it lasting.

But you might be surprised, it's still not forever!

Here's The Thing Dentists Have Known For Decades

And it's really straightforward: The least amount of dentistry required, the better.

You'll find these days that dentists don't recommend their sisters, brothers or children to have teeth removed (!), crowns or veneers. It just doesn't happen!

Instead, straightening out overlapping, crowded or crooked teeth with teeth straightening options such as a discreet ClearSmile Brace or Invisalign is almost always the preference.

Quite often our clients choose to team these options with Professional Tooth Whitening and Composite Cosmetic Bonding to level, lengthen, or re-shape jagged or worn-down edges to symmetry.

No drilling ❌ No injections ❌

This way, we've "left home with all available options open later" (if and when we need them!)

Best wishes and speak soon,

Zak Kara

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