• Dr Zak Kara

Swerving the Fire-Breathing Dragon Receptionist

⚠️ If you've been to a dental clinic and felt patronised, or as if you had to wrestle a fire-breathing dragon Receptionist at some time in the past, keep reading... We're on a mission to change dentistry for the better 🚀

Why? We're Tash and Zak (yep, sorry about all those cheesy grins in those photos 😂), and we know what it feels like when you're hurried into making decisions.

It makes you confused and stressed about your options, and you end up with even more questions. Even worse still, is that horrible sticky feeling when you sense you're being pushed one way or another.

We help our clients find their Lifetime Supply of Smile Confidence and are proudly unbiased about their options, whether it's cosmetic dentistry, teeth straightening options such as Invisalign, or nothing at all!

With our experience of how NOT to look after you (from our time working in nearly 20 other clinics in the region!), we are re-inventing dentistry.

So if you've found yourself doing the following: 👉Searching for your options on how to get an awesome smile. 👉Floating around in a world of broken links on websites designed in 2001. 👉Calling a clinic and being greeted by somebody who makes you feel like YOU are the burden. All to fall back into the same place... "Meh, I'll get round to that some other time 🕓" Then we want you to know there is another way. Our clients tell us it's been "so much easier than they thought it would be". Only last week somebody commented "who knew that I'd laugh so much when I come for my dentistry?!"

We release a limited number of FREE Smile Consultations on evenings and weekends every month. Check out our schedule for first dibs.

Alternatively, hit our Insta and slide on into our DMs, or ping us a WhatsApp.

And yes, we promise no fire-breathing dragons or old-school dental weirdness!

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